***Update*** Long Distance Relationship series 

Hi all,
I know it has taken a while since I announced the compliation of my popular Long Distance Relationship series into a mini self guide – I do however have a valid reason! 

In between promising to release a mini guide and now, I was blessed to carry twin girls within me – and doubly blessed with their birth last year! So yes, I have been a full time mother for a little over a year now, focusing and nurturing our two daughters into happy little ladies of substance.

I am ready to get back to the drawing table with my self guide, it will not be an overnight project though work on it commences again next week  – I know many out there are dealing with the issues attached to being in a long distance relationship and so this book will be a perfect companion.  

If you are new to this series and would like a peek view click here for excerpts:


Thank you again for your patience and fabulous support! 

Have a joyful Sunday! 


 The Antidotal Wisdom Age – part 2

I came across an amazing proverb – it strummed all the right keys within me and I immediately posted it on @NigerianProverb (Twitter)!

Here it is: 

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter #Zimbabwe

During times of reflection we sometimes wonder about the question marks weighing heavily over certain relationships in our lives – you then find yourself asking  “what really happened? How did it end up like this? Was there something I could have done to avoid the issue? Should I just tell everyone my truth and what really occurred? Maybe perceptions will shift in my favour???

At times the individuals in our lives are not ready or in most cases are not prepared to give an ear to the raw unadulterated truth – they either refuse to give you an audience or engineer a smear campaign against you resulting in your attempts to ‘put things right’ being automatically classified as ‘meaningless’.  As tempting as it may be – avoid the ‘just speak’ attitude – where it is evident that your words will be deemed as worthless, especially in the presence of the wrong crowd (who may be aware of bits and pieces of your story but not the full extent) – assess every situation wisely before laying down your bow and arrows, wasted careless words are powerful too. 

Wasted careless words are powerful too!

I believe wisdom is an individualistic gift – personalised for you by the Most High. Therefore be wise in your approach to matters that call for your truth – especially in matters where your truth will turn around months or even decades of misunderstanding and discontent. Patiently watch for the opportunity that may have the potential to wipe the slate clean and at the same time eliminate you from further anguish!

However always keep this thought close – your truth may not be the truth they want to hear!  Do not blow the truth up by revealing it in a bid to negatively affect another – instead figure out avenues that will potentially benefit the parties involved.  It may seem like a difficult task but with pure good intentions all will come together as destined and seamlessly fall into order. 

Life will always allow for one to express themselves where there has been no vacuum for such expression in the past! This life is one of questions and answers and one day there will be a full on search for the whys, how’s and when’s – leading all concerned to your front door by way of providence. 

Fragments of the truth told to many ears lead to a story with unavoidable gaps – which in turn leads to ‘story-fillers’ (gossips)

So always keep the above quote in mind “Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” –  yes they presently feel content and in this blinded sense of relief they confuse those around them with their infectious feeling of triumph against you – BUT – you have your power, your weapon which is your truth! The truth finds it extremely difficult to hide for too long – it cannot stand still it yearns for freedom. So there may be times you feel to release parts or all of the truth to fellow ears – though you must be careful! Fragments of the truth told to many ears lead to a story with unavoidable gaps – which in turn leads to ‘story-fillers’ (gossips) who will maximise the opportunities before them to add salt and pepper to the wound. 

you have your power, your weapon which is your truth! The truth finds it extremely difficult to hide for too long – it cannot stand still it yearns for freedom

So in closing I leave you with this: keep your truth in an airtight jar (your mind) and do not allow delay to distort your focus or cause you to become embittered in harbouring a truth you will eventually reveal. 

The truth will always set itself free LavergneAiko™

Disrespect who?


Disrespect slowly but surely closes the window to the heart

Disrespect does not bring down strongholds it raises them

Disrespect turns the humble to rubble and the strong to dust

Disrespect wipes away the tiniest glimmers of shared hope

Disrespect harms the purest of intentions and drags around the bones of goodwill

Disrespect feasts on the mind of its target – invading areas of self worth

Disrespect lingers like rotten food – slowly deteriorating the inner beings of self

Disrespect widens the gap between lovers and weakens bonds of steel

Disrespect tears down plans for the future and tramples on the present

Disrespect knows no bound – its sting is deadly

Disrespect mocks the innocent soul and feeds the egotistical spirit

Disrespect blinds itself to the obvious good and sees only darkness in places where goodness reigns

Disrespect enjoys the tears and weaknesses of its victims

Disrespect digs its sharpened nails into the root of individuals

Disrespect knows no peace and resides on shaky waters

Disrespect will never change its colours…its spots will remain the same!

Disrespect revises the past and attacks all possibilities

Disrespect is blind to self – playing the harp of victimisation and blaming others for its failures

Disrespect voids feelings and in turn regulates hate

Disrespect attempts to build a home and with the same hands demolishes it

Disrespect does not value mistakes made – instead it ridicules

Disrespect transforms saints to sinners

A note:
*be kind to people it is a necessary good – perfection to impress others is not our goal – it is impossible to perfect any flaw in a fellow human being. Tearing another person down is a deliberate act to seek out perfection in them for selfish reasons such as “oh you really annoy me when…” – to be quite frank, perfection is an area we will never truly understand!