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Heeeeey I am back – it has been a long hiatus for me and a very interesting one too – the long distance series will be revived and is first on my list —- I have so much to share with you all!

Thanks for your patience!!!

Love as deep as the Ocean!

Love as deep as the Ocean!





Hey all,

The Long distance series 2011 has not been forgotten nor ignored. It shall continue as promised. This blog is forever active although posts come at random intervals, I write when hit with an inspirational message though I tend to note my thoughts in my memo pad. Maybe I’ll condition myself to write straight σn too here, who knows!!!

Thanks for the support and loyal following!!! 🙂


Frustration: a feeling of dissatisfaction, often accompanied by anxiety or depression, resulting from unfulfilled needs or unresolved problems. (Dictionary.com)

When you can not explain your actions, or the words that you say; the above is normally the case!

Keep your issues resolved – speak to someone who will listen!

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The Long Distance Relationship Series “Oh my… are you in a long distance relationship too” Plans from afar – Excerpt!

Planning as sweet as honey!

Planning as sweet as honey!

Plans, ideas and innovation make the world go round and round, followed by the common belief that ‘a man without a plan is a man that will fail’ (this also applies equally to women).  If there is an absence of a meaningful plan regarding life, one will eventually float aimlessly through the days of their lives instead of investing time and effort to straighten their somewhat curved path, be it within the confines of their office or home.   A mundane life is not a fulfilled one – routine is alien to aspirations and passion, in fact routine can dull the colourful passion you once enjoyed exploring within your mind.

The above  applies equally to your LDR relationship, if you allow the freshness of your relationship to be overwhelmed with unexciting conversations and behaviours there will be an avoidance to devote time to hearty discussions centred on the aspirations of the relationship.

I searched for the definition of the word ‘plan‘ on a website called Dictionary.com and I was drawn immediately to the second definition – a plan is: a design or scheme of arrangement – and this is the definition I will apply throughout…

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He is there and i’m here

The Long Distance Relationship Series “Oh my…are you in a long distance relationship too” Arguments -Excerpt!

As human beings we feed on the premise of relationships – every part of our lives is dominated by one relationship or the other.  We form relationships on so many levels and invest our emotions and behaviours in different degrees to each existing association.  However there is one kind of relationship that calls for more than just mere emotions and behaviours, one that possess many layers and tugs are all areas of ones being – a loving relationship between a man and woman.  Once such a relationship is formed there is a clouded desire for everything to be perfect and a number one need for togetherness.

I found myself in a blissful relationship, and it was torn away from me by distance, I use the word torn not to be extreme but to describe exactly how I felt when the discussion arose and decisions were made back in 2010.  I am in no way claiming to be a LDR guru but I have experienced it first hand and can say that it was interestingly challenging when disagreements surfaced.

Individuals involved in a LDR must make room for issues to be addressed frequently; it is very dangerous to ignore pressing issues that naturally arise because of distance…

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Is Trust a curse?

Trust exists!

Trust exists!

Trust…the core of every relationship we form in life, no matter how small we deposit trust in a relationship of any kind. Trust is the mechanism that allows us to exist alongside someone that we refer to as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister.

Trust has a way of becoming a chore…and the level of trust brings out the addict in us all. We end up trusting so much that the mere break of that trust is capable of creating a hell in us.

Trust and make sure you trust well…

But how would one know who is worth depositing such trust into…what happens when your trust is withheld from you, when the relationship ends…and you can never recover that lost investment. Does that not mean that the next time you trust is not really trust in its fullest…

They say that a couple will not stand without trust…that I agree with…however what happens when you constantly deposit this trust and have no way of retrieving it back and instead of fighting to gain it back you empty your reserves on this one person…

I believe trust is a formula that sets high standards for fallible humans…and therefore incredible heart ache and torture. why waste your time trusting a human being who is born to sin…born to put themselves first and prone to make mistakes that benefit themselves.

Isn’t it better to trust with limits…trust but never deposit, trust and keep your trust reserve full…how do you do that…? You achieve this by trusting in yourself and in this trusting your decisions. Examples range from trusting yourself for choosing to be in this relationship, for taking up the offer at your current place of work, living and settling in the country you now call home, waking up in the morning and wearing the shoes on your feet…throw the trust back at yourself…human beings are not worth our trust…only God…we need to place our trust in an undying unconditional love that has stayed by us through thick and thin..and that is the love of God Almighty…He allows us to trust Him with miraculous results…human beings are incapable of this so why bother with them?

However with all the above in mind, the problem at hand is that we have to trust to maintain a certain degree of sanity…so what should we do…

Trust in limits, be stingy with your trust, treat it like precious gems that cannot be deformed- so its value is protected…deposit only when ΰ expect returns…do not treat trust as a free for all reward, for it has its prestige…for trust is a difficult puzzle to solve once pieces have been ripped apart.

Stay sane and trust well!

P.s some one out there is worth your trust…it will come naturally to you! If your battle constantly to trust an individual…then maybe that person never deserved your trust in the first place.

“All human beings are fallible do not restrict one with your insecurities” LavergneAiko, 2011

“Love is a diamond encrusted with trust” LavergneAiko, 2010

♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergné