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Also I also failed to inform you all (apologies) that my husband and I were blessed with twin girls in July 2014 – so life has been extremely busy!

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Our missing Daughters – Nigeria where art thou?


I do not usually discuss world events on my blog but I am just urged to do so now. Just over two weeks ago an estimated 234 school girls were kidnapped from their boarding school based in Borno State (Northern Nigeria). Read more here: Nigeria’s missing school girls

Yes we are aware that such events have happened some time or the other around the world – but the issue for us Nigerians is the government’s lack of activity and the conventional disregard for the people.

The recent incident concerning the tragic loss of Boeing MH370 – the Malaysian government held conferences daily, kept their people and the world informed – highlighted major and minor changes – kept all abreast with any new strategies even down to announcing other countries who had joined the search operation in hopes of finding the missing plane. I only use them as an example to demonstrate their dedication to the people and the situation the country faced

Now let us compare to Nigeria:

1) No formal statement from the government re: missing girls (only denials on actual number of girls missing) – even if it is indeed just 85 girls is that not enough reason to be as proactive as ever especially in light of the seriousness of the suspected terrorist group involved

2) No visible activity on part of the government to locate girls

3) Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan thought it wise to enjoy MayDay festivities instead of using event as a platform to address the nation on pressing current issues (GEJ all smiles amidst crises – As reported on Bella Naija) – I am certain the Malaysian President’s schedule was filled with ‘entertaining events’ to attend during the search of the missing plane – but did he dare attend… NO… Why? Respect for the people

This image shocked many Nigerians, check out some of the comments in response to Bella Naija’s report below:






4) The government have not reached out to the distraught mothers of the missing girls – comforted them and given them as citizens of the nation the time of day. Instead our women are made to protest in the streets screaming for their voices to be heard like dissenters – this is terribly disheartening.


5) There is no mention of Nigeria requesting for the assistance of neighbouring states – we are obviously not in the position to handle this alone. The UK press thought it wise to inform their own citizens regarding upcoming visit of Gordon Brown (former UK prime minister ) to Nigeria to discuss military aid Gordon Brown to Visit Nigeria . Is this a secret? The Nigerian government have failed to communicate this to us – I am very sure that many Nigerians are unaware of this crucial meeting due to take place next week. This would indeed ease the mind of many – but again the Nigerian government are not concerned with the common man or woman and prefer for other news agencies around the world to address their nation on their behalf

6) We have no circulating images of these girls – they are confirmed as MISSING and the aim is to find them by any means possible be it through police/army intervention or a member of the public spotting them. Without images (which can be obtained from family of the girls) our girls can be moved across borders without border officials knowing who and what to look out for (Girls kidnapped late at night so I doubt they were in their school uniforms)

7) The Nigerian government are very comfortable allowing outside news agencies control the spin of an issue they should be ahead of. The outside world should feed of the information released by the Nigerian government and not the other way round – this is a very indifferent, nonchalant means of governing a country

6) The facebook page of the president Goodluck Jonathan displays nothing. His last post on 20th April centred around Easter and included a very cryptic message;


The comment above is evasive – Easter day arrived on 20th April and our girls went missing on 14th April so why did he choose to avoid discussing the matter at hand and leave such a blasé message – note that on his page he has discussed the most trivial of matters in detail in the past!

What security service?

Goodluck Jonathan’s Facebook page

7) The Nigerian government may be of the belief that their activities are covert ones- but they need to remember covert operations and keeping a nation sane go hand in hand and either side cannot be neglected. If indeed covert operations are in place – we are not asking for every detail of the plan, just let us know something is in the works – keep our minds at rest…

Actions for the Nigerian government

A) The Nigerian government must maintain an open dialogue with the people – we as a nation deserve it

B) Create a safe haven for the women, gather them together so at least they have each other as comfort and at the same time keep them constantly updated about the present situation and initiatives as they arise

C) Honestly update the nation as to the government’s position – timescales – has contact been made with – what should we expect – actions we should take – helpline number for citizens to call if they notice anything suspicious – images posted of suspected kidnappers (if any) or the kidnapped…

D) The government should create an awareness campaign – informing the nation at large specifically boarding schools and day schools in the affected vicinity and at large on vital steps to ensure their school children are safe – activities to look out for and report – the need for heightened security or even a temporary suspension of boarding facilities for schools in the North of Nigeria till the pressing issue is rectified

E) The Government should remove all manner of pride and openly inform us of their requests (if any) to other nations for help. This in itself may rock the boat of suspected terrorists – the government need to open up to the people – open your borders for necessary military assistance not just business opportunities. Make it known to the world that we as a nation require skilled assistance – we will not be ridiculed by the world for seeking third party intervention

It is common knowledge that the needs of the people of Nigeria – have always been placed on the back-burner to roast till it turns to ashes and is then briskly swept under the carpet – but there has to be a breaking point and I think this is it…listen to us…fight for us…lead a nation who will eventually support their government and not always remain in timeless

Please bring our girls home – we urge the government to be proactive and save our princesses

Check links below:

Bring our Girls Home – Petition

White House Petition

BBC coverage

Huffington Post Coverage

CNN coverage

Hashtags for social media: #BringBackOurGirls #BringBackOurDaughters #BringOurGirlsBack #NigerianSchoolgirls

(join in the social media fight to force the Nigerian government to simply care and take responsibility for us)

I am Back!!!

Heeeeey I am back – it has been a long hiatus for me and a very interesting one too – the long distance series will be revived and is first on my list —- I have so much to share with you all!

Thanks for your patience!!!

Love as deep as the Ocean!

Love as deep as the Ocean!




Hey all,

The Long distance series 2011 has not been forgotten nor ignored. It shall continue as promised. This blog is forever active although posts come at random intervals, I write when hit with an inspirational message though I tend to note my thoughts in my memo pad. Maybe I’ll condition myself to write straight σn too here, who knows!!!

Thanks for the support and loyal following!!! 🙂

Is Trust a curse?

Trust exists!

Trust exists!

Trust…the core of every relationship we form in life, no matter how small we deposit trust in a relationship of any kind. Trust is the mechanism that allows us to exist alongside someone that we refer to as a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father, brother/sister.

Trust has a way of becoming a chore…and the level of trust brings out the addict in us all. We end up trusting so much that the mere break of that trust is capable of creating a hell in us.

Trust and make sure you trust well…

But how would one know who is worth depositing such trust into…what happens when your trust is withheld from you, when the relationship ends…and you can never recover that lost investment. Does that not mean that the next time you trust is not really trust in its fullest…

They say that a couple will not stand without trust…that I agree with…however what happens when you constantly deposit this trust and have no way of retrieving it back and instead of fighting to gain it back you empty your reserves on this one person…

I believe trust is a formula that sets high standards for fallible humans…and therefore incredible heart ache and torture. why waste your time trusting a human being who is born to sin…born to put themselves first and prone to make mistakes that benefit themselves.

Isn’t it better to trust with limits…trust but never deposit, trust and keep your trust reserve full…how do you do that…? You achieve this by trusting in yourself and in this trusting your decisions. Examples range from trusting yourself for choosing to be in this relationship, for taking up the offer at your current place of work, living and settling in the country you now call home, waking up in the morning and wearing the shoes on your feet…throw the trust back at yourself…human beings are not worth our trust…only God…we need to place our trust in an undying unconditional love that has stayed by us through thick and thin..and that is the love of God Almighty…He allows us to trust Him with miraculous results…human beings are incapable of this so why bother with them?

However with all the above in mind, the problem at hand is that we have to trust to maintain a certain degree of sanity…so what should we do…

Trust in limits, be stingy with your trust, treat it like precious gems that cannot be deformed- so its value is protected…deposit only when ΰ expect returns…do not treat trust as a free for all reward, for it has its prestige…for trust is a difficult puzzle to solve once pieces have been ripped apart.

Stay sane and trust well!

P.s some one out there is worth your trust…it will come naturally to you! If your battle constantly to trust an individual…then maybe that person never deserved your trust in the first place.

“All human beings are fallible do not restrict one with your insecurities” LavergneAiko, 2011

“Love is a diamond encrusted with trust” LavergneAiko, 2010

♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergné

“The chicken is king in his nest: as the Lion is king of his Jungle…”

Be bold Who cares

Be bold Who cares

Everyone has an appointed place in life…and where one is appointed, respect befalls them almost automatically…

No matter the size of your empire, your car, your house, your bank account…it is big enough to be your very own Kingdom…your own shrine of joy…

Do not pay attention to the boasting of others, for as they boast you can also…joy is not made up of numbers but of real raw emotion…

Look at what you have today and allow the feeling of appreciation to overcome you…

You have your own kingdom to reign supreme over…as the chicken humbly reigns over its nest equally the lion reigns supreme over his jungle…Be bold in your situation…

♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergné

“When a blind person starts to lead a blind person, they fall into a pit”

“Choose your friends wisely”…every parent educates their young…

“Don’t give in to peer pressure”…every teenager is advised before they embark on a journey of independence…

The above are a few of many life lessons involving relationships we form as life progresses…

Select the few you consider fit enough to be your friend…its a pick and choose affair and nothing less…

Questions one should ask themselves range from:
•Has my life improved in any way since this friendship began?
•Am I myself around this particular person?
•is my attitude changing towards things I felt uncomfortable about before?

Following a bad seed is one of the easiest, temporarily fulfilling roads in life…why…the bad seed has no desire to give you the red light and they dare not mention the big NO…so its a free for all, anything goes…

They also possess a welcoming spirit that graduates in making everything glitter with gold…

Inevitably you will both enter a dark pit and the person who rescues you will not be the friend that led you there in the first place…

A simple mind is the playground of evil…be careful who influences your actions and thoughts…for “when a blind person starts to lead a blind person, they fall into a pit”

♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergné