Awareness: attack on humanity…the innocent ones 

Last night, I googled images for each nation and created this collage with the intention to post as tribute to the survivors of such devastating events!  Beruit, Paris, Kano, Bamako literally experienced massacres of their people within days of each other – I included Syria as their matter is ongoing and troubling.  Paris undoubtedly received the most coverage – nevertheless deep within the corners of various newsrooms Lebanon, Nigeria and most recently Mali had its features. 

After selecting and placing the most powerful images I could  together –  my eyes welled up…emotions quickly shifted from deep sadness to anger – a question pulling at my heartstrings “what is really happening to our world?…”where will all this violence lead us too?”

The images above are powerful in many ways, the helplessness, the fear and destruction! All for what???? 

Children left parentless, mothers without their children, women loosing their husbands, husbands loosing their wives – it is a chaotic state of mind to be in thinking of all the endless strings of disappointment, anger and thoughts of retaliation that may cook up within the minds of the afflicted.  

 While searching for images of Syria my heart skipped – one image shocked the bones within me! Dead children piled on top of each other like meat to be butchered – a girl’s face literally torn apart laid on top! I apologise for the detail (I would normally avoid such images myself – preferring to only read of such and imagine what it could possibly look like) but this is our reality now (I guess). Hiding out in the ‘West’ is no longer an excuse as recent events in Paris have ultimately revealed – this destructive path is seriously shifting its focus.  

Tornados, storms, floods and earthquakes are no longer as deadly as we are to each other

I skipped back to the picture scared to look at it too deeply – however the little girl right at the top of all these tiny human bodies (lifeless) caught my eyes again – she looked like she was dressed in her best clothes (red, blue and a hat (I think)) maybe she was on her way to school, a celebration of some sort, or maybe the Mosque! Either way her end was tragic along with the other sweet beings beneath her. Such a sad reality to know that the conscious of a select few is in clear terms almost nonexistent, be it individuals from the West, South, East or the North.  A human being is a human being. 

War will never mend a broken heart – ever! 

Just a reminder that the images above are not portraying the aftermath of a natural disaster – instead each picture represents the results of human on human interaction – the potent state of violence inflicted on innocent civilians.  We in fact are now creating our own natural disasters amongst ourselves. Tornados, storms, floods and earthquakes are no longer as deadly as we are to each other.  

This world is missing something extremely vital – I wish I knew what… All I am perfectly sure of is that war will never mend a broken heart – ever!