Our Voice…27 days later

• It is amazing that the world has united 27 days later


•It is amazing that our government respect the voice of outsiders and not our own


• It is amazing that acts of terrorism have taken place by a group with Al’Qaeda links – America, France and the UK deem it fit to send glorified advisors to Nigeria…their reactions especially America to the conflicts in Mali, Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia certainly differ…

• It is amazing that America and a number of powerful Western and Asian nations benefit substantially from our crude oil and gas resources and have lived amongst us for years and counting – they owe us!

A few of the multibillion companies established in Nigeria listed below:

~Chevron (America)
~Addax Petroleum (China)
~Conoco Philips (America)
~Shell (The Netherlands/UK)
~Total (France)
~ExxonMobil (America)
~Nexen Inc (Canada)
~Statoil (Norway)
~Hardy Oil and Gas (UK)

Nigeria threatens new laws to punish oil companies – oil spillage



• It is amazing that our President has within all this turmoil avoided directly speaking to the nation – interviews here and there only add to the speculation surrounding the missing girls

• It is amazing that we continue to defend a system that fails to defend us

• It is amazing that we are not No1 priority of the Nigerian government

• It is amazing that we are yet to see one photograph of the missing – its is vital for photographs to be circulated
Publish names, photographs of missing Chibok girls – South-East Governors tell FG


• It is amazing that our government has failed us by way of not investing in our security defences

• It is amazing that our country Nigeria receives abundant amounts of Foreign direct investment and wilfully accepted $5.5 billion in 2013…but still nothing for the people!



Source – NY Times

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• It is amazing that we are top crude oil producers in Africa – but the people do not reap the results…

I do hope it is not amazing that we are terribly amazed.