Awareness: attack on humanity…the innocent ones 

Last night, I googled images for each nation and created this collage with the intention to post as tribute to the survivors of such devastating events!  Beruit, Paris, Kano, Bamako literally experienced massacres of their people within days of each other – I included Syria as their matter is ongoing and troubling.  Paris undoubtedly received the most coverage – nevertheless deep within the corners of various newsrooms Lebanon, Nigeria and most recently Mali had its features. 

After selecting and placing the most powerful images I could  together –  my eyes welled up…emotions quickly shifted from deep sadness to anger – a question pulling at my heartstrings “what is really happening to our world?…”where will all this violence lead us too?”

The images above are powerful in many ways, the helplessness, the fear and destruction! All for what???? 

Children left parentless, mothers without their children, women loosing their husbands, husbands loosing their wives – it is a chaotic state of mind to be in thinking of all the endless strings of disappointment, anger and thoughts of retaliation that may cook up within the minds of the afflicted.  

 While searching for images of Syria my heart skipped – one image shocked the bones within me! Dead children piled on top of each other like meat to be butchered – a girl’s face literally torn apart laid on top! I apologise for the detail (I would normally avoid such images myself – preferring to only read of such and imagine what it could possibly look like) but this is our reality now (I guess). Hiding out in the ‘West’ is no longer an excuse as recent events in Paris have ultimately revealed – this destructive path is seriously shifting its focus.  

Tornados, storms, floods and earthquakes are no longer as deadly as we are to each other

I skipped back to the picture scared to look at it too deeply – however the little girl right at the top of all these tiny human bodies (lifeless) caught my eyes again – she looked like she was dressed in her best clothes (red, blue and a hat (I think)) maybe she was on her way to school, a celebration of some sort, or maybe the Mosque! Either way her end was tragic along with the other sweet beings beneath her. Such a sad reality to know that the conscious of a select few is in clear terms almost nonexistent, be it individuals from the West, South, East or the North.  A human being is a human being. 

War will never mend a broken heart – ever! 

Just a reminder that the images above are not portraying the aftermath of a natural disaster – instead each picture represents the results of human on human interaction – the potent state of violence inflicted on innocent civilians.  We in fact are now creating our own natural disasters amongst ourselves. Tornados, storms, floods and earthquakes are no longer as deadly as we are to each other.  

This world is missing something extremely vital – I wish I knew what… All I am perfectly sure of is that war will never mend a broken heart – ever!


How To Beat Mommy Blues

A Different Kind of Mom

Mommy blues is very common amongst moms with young children, also known as post-postpartum depression if not taken seriously it can rob you from enjoying the most precious moments in you and your child’s life.

Life with young children can at times be tiring and emotional but it doesn’t have to feel like that everyday. Below are some tips to help you fight those mommy blues and get you back to feeling productive.

1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Moms

There is no such thing as a perfect mom, Jane next door may look like she has it all together but you have no idea what she is really going through. In today’s world, particularly with social media and the media as a whole, its so easy for us to compare our motherhood techniques with other moms. I know I don’t have it all together and heck I’m fine with that…

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***Update*** Long Distance Relationship series 

Hi all,
I know it has taken a while since I announced the compliation of my popular Long Distance Relationship series into a mini self guide – I do however have a valid reason! 

In between promising to release a mini guide and now, I was blessed to carry twin girls within me – and doubly blessed with their birth last year! So yes, I have been a full time mother for a little over a year now, focusing and nurturing our two daughters into happy little ladies of substance.

I am ready to get back to the drawing table with my self guide, it will not be an overnight project though work on it commences again next week  – I know many out there are dealing with the issues attached to being in a long distance relationship and so this book will be a perfect companion.  

If you are new to this series and would like a peek view click here for excerpts:

Thank you again for your patience and fabulous support! 

Have a joyful Sunday! 

 The Antidotal Wisdom Age – part 2

I came across an amazing proverb – it strummed all the right keys within me and I immediately posted it on @NigerianProverb (Twitter)!

Here it is: 

Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter #Zimbabwe

During times of reflection we sometimes wonder about the question marks weighing heavily over certain relationships in our lives – you then find yourself asking  “what really happened? How did it end up like this? Was there something I could have done to avoid the issue? Should I just tell everyone my truth and what really occurred? Maybe perceptions will shift in my favour???

At times the individuals in our lives are not ready or in most cases are not prepared to give an ear to the raw unadulterated truth – they either refuse to give you an audience or engineer a smear campaign against you resulting in your attempts to ‘put things right’ being automatically classified as ‘meaningless’.  As tempting as it may be – avoid the ‘just speak’ attitude – where it is evident that your words will be deemed as worthless, especially in the presence of the wrong crowd (who may be aware of bits and pieces of your story but not the full extent) – assess every situation wisely before laying down your bow and arrows, wasted careless words are powerful too. 

Wasted careless words are powerful too!

I believe wisdom is an individualistic gift – personalised for you by the Most High. Therefore be wise in your approach to matters that call for your truth – especially in matters where your truth will turn around months or even decades of misunderstanding and discontent. Patiently watch for the opportunity that may have the potential to wipe the slate clean and at the same time eliminate you from further anguish!

However always keep this thought close – your truth may not be the truth they want to hear!  Do not blow the truth up by revealing it in a bid to negatively affect another – instead figure out avenues that will potentially benefit the parties involved.  It may seem like a difficult task but with pure good intentions all will come together as destined and seamlessly fall into order. 

Life will always allow for one to express themselves where there has been no vacuum for such expression in the past! This life is one of questions and answers and one day there will be a full on search for the whys, how’s and when’s – leading all concerned to your front door by way of providence. 

Fragments of the truth told to many ears lead to a story with unavoidable gaps – which in turn leads to ‘story-fillers’ (gossips)

So always keep the above quote in mind “Until the lion tells his side of the story, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter” –  yes they presently feel content and in this blinded sense of relief they confuse those around them with their infectious feeling of triumph against you – BUT – you have your power, your weapon which is your truth! The truth finds it extremely difficult to hide for too long – it cannot stand still it yearns for freedom. So there may be times you feel to release parts or all of the truth to fellow ears – though you must be careful! Fragments of the truth told to many ears lead to a story with unavoidable gaps – which in turn leads to ‘story-fillers’ (gossips) who will maximise the opportunities before them to add salt and pepper to the wound. 

you have your power, your weapon which is your truth! The truth finds it extremely difficult to hide for too long – it cannot stand still it yearns for freedom

So in closing I leave you with this: keep your truth in an airtight jar (your mind) and do not allow delay to distort your focus or cause you to become embittered in harbouring a truth you will eventually reveal. 

The truth will always set itself free LavergneAiko™

Random Post – The Beauty of Motherhood!


There is no better feeling then being a mother! The responsibility placed on us as mothers adds so much depth and excitement to a life so centralised on self – then all of a sudden (well after nine miraculous months) someone matters so much that your mind is constantly clouded with endless possibilities of what you can do to satisfy this beautiful little person who depends 100% on you.

God chooses wisely – some abuse this blessing while others live for it – cherish it like their very own lifeline. God did not mistakenly place us in this position of influence – NO – we are handpicked and our children are a direct reflection of the glory of God in our life.

Every morning * smiles from these innocent souls! How gratifying is such – how cleansing it is to know that each morning your star will smile up at you – mother! No blemish…mornings are that more important – each day a developmental milestone for both mother and child

As a mother something changes within you – all of a sudden you see the world as a place to protect baby from – all of a sudden you feel like a superhero. The bad elements you nurtured within you are somehow burdensome – you want to detox your life of the meaningless and include the meaningful – all of a sudden your future counts – you aim to make life a comfy bed of roses for your child – you are motivated by the purest love to cater to your baby’s innocent little being.

You no longer want to fight, you no longer want to feel distressed – you cannot be bothered to hold that grudge – you really have no time to deal with opinions of all – you have no energy to invest in pretence – you just want your time to be renewed and used wisely to inspire your child

Motherhood is beautiful – a beauty to cherish…a unique jewel to keep safe from the elements

Becoming a mother is a life changing event – a duty post with no expiry date – you will always be mother in the present and when your time is up on this earth * you are still Mother…

Stay blessed & inspired

♥ ℓavergnéaiko™

Tool up for 2015 and beyond…


The New Year 2015 is fast approaching, we are in fact just hours away! Use today, New Years Eve (NYE) to discover vital tools for a new year better than the last and a year of lasting growth

This NYE load up your essentials and head into 2015 equipped…

1) Pack, and I mean PACK a heavy duffle bag of forgiveness – people will continue to break our hearts and do the unexpected! The way we deal with each disappointment depends heavily on our ability to forgive – so keep forgiveness as close as ever. Make it a duty to not hold grudges – move on as swiftly as the wind!

The way we deal with each disappointment depends heavily on our ability to forgive

2) Fold up your sheets of compassion and store them deep within you – the world is in a constant state that requires helping hands at all time – suffering will not just disappear with the coming of a new year! The evolution of media though awesome in one respect has worked against us in another – desensitising the masses! We see so much pain and suffering everyday (news and adverts) that we somehow close up! Allow fresh compassion to flow again – joining a local charity or outreach may just do the trick

3) Load up on tons of energetic love that will transcend any situation you are forced to deal with – love that will reach those who require it and mend bridges that have previously been burnt. As Pheadra Parks recently stated “Love is a verb not a noun” – therefore action is required.

4) Clear space for the element of surprise – do not allow anything or anyone to truly shock you! Take everything with a certain ease, calmness is health in small doses – remember that

calmness is health in small doses

5) Channel up courage – courage to rock your world with the unthinkable- what you thought you could never achieve add it to your bucket list!

6) Pressure yourself with commitment – make your ideas count – focus on what matters and eliminate procrastination from all you do. Procrastination is a thief – close your doors and lock up really tight when facing procrastination head on.

Procrastination is a thief

7) Double dose on joy – this life is too tight for bouts of unhappiness – see God in all that happens- see Him in all you do- joy is untouchable when it is stored within you in great measures

joy is untouchable when it is stored within you in great measures

8) Train yourself in selectiveness – an attitude of preserving what is necessary to your growth as a person and dismissing with immediate effect sources that intend to tear you down! It is not every word spoken to you that must be sealed and signed by your acceptance – listening does not necessarily require you accepting what you have heard! Remember that

It is not every word spoken to you that must be sealed and signed by your acceptance

9) Let go of expectations – do not lay 100% trust in the hands of anything or anyone – read my previous post here “is trust a curse”. Trust is a matter of who deserves it – simple truth!

10) Increase your need for enrichment- look after the body God has blessed you with – deal with it as you would your best diamond piece – fill it with food for the soul as well as nourishment for the physical – once your soul is enriched everything including your health will fall in perfect harmony

11) Fight for what is right – no more straddling the fence wondering who’s opinion matters. Take your life at the horns – decide what is right for you and your loved ones. Never compromise, never walk on eggshells.

12) Fill your suitcase with desires – find out what excites you, research on a hobby you have admired for a while – find that zumba class you have been avoiding for months, step out in your dancing shoes and learn how to wiggle and shake your body at a Salsa class – tickle that part of you that has remained dormant! If you are a 49 year old housewife and love playing computer games – go and buy yourself a console… Why not?

13) Dress yourself in self love – stand out, accentuate what you love the most about yourself! No more hiding behind the big bad wolf in your life – stand bold! The gift of life was placed firmly at your feet – rip it open and dive in with both hands

14) Enjoy your own company, appreciate time alone to think things through! Company all the time can cause a deafening of your inner most voice! Clear your space, free up social time and deal with harmonising with who you really are

Clear your space, free up social time and deal with harmonising with who you really are

15) Armour yourself in godliness – we are not aware of what the future holds – but with God all things are possible! Faith in the unknown is exactly what our tomorrows are made of – shield yourself with God’s majesty, His comfort and best of all His peace – do not take God for granted – this world is not a huge playground as presumed!

Faith in the unknown is exactly what our tomorrows are made of

16) Flourish in kindness, be gentle to others! Try not to invalidate another’s feelings and be open to the mistakes of your fellow person without judging them. Kindness shows all over ones face – who needs a cosmetic company’s youth cream when you can just be kind hearted and glow!

17) Wrap yourself in resilience – do not change negatively to deal with negativity – why bury the goodness within you to fight the bitterness of another – it is a loosing battle and you will hurt more than ever! Stay true to yourself! Never settle

The above are my personal resolutions for 2015, though not an exhaustive list- I am sure many will relate! Copy and paste this for anyone you feel needs to read this

God bless and have an awesome 2015!!!



When your mind explodes and all hope is lost

When your heartbeat trebles to the sound of regrets

When all you desire is now locked away for life

When the only dangling pieces of hope are suddenly smothered in lies

When all you seek for is rebellion

When all you need is peace

When the doors are closing and air tight you finally reach for your pen and slowly jot: FINISHED