Avenue of Release (one) – Purity 

QUICKNOTE: I made a decision for ME and one that could ultimately change everything – however there is always a need for self reflection and healing in life especially where one’s position has drastically changed in a few years  – and if during times of healing and soul searching, dead ends break off then we must give a big cheer to results 🙂

AVENUE OF RELEASE (one) – Purity 

She knows the Divine one is watching intently – knowing her heart is pure and most importantly always has been – playing with purity of another is a radical move,  dangerous and unfair.  

even if all she has before her feet are breadcrumbs she will turn it into a royal feast. 

The universe hears the moans of the true hearted individual –  it comforts her and ensures her that all will be well! 

The heavens open up for her and release tools of survival – she will not be mocked or fooled around – nor will she deal with the actions of a plagued human being any longer than she has too! 

She is equipped to win and so she will – even if all she has before her feet are breadcrumbs she will turn it into a royal feast.  

she nurtures an active conscience, she has no reason to offend the universe

If water is all she needs today – it will flow endlessly for her use 
Her heart keeps the door of rejuvenation open, prepared and patient! Her cries are heard the moment tears detach from the duct – she is cared for and clothed in compassion – she cannot be torn down or raped of peace 

Her heart keeps the door of rejuvenation open, prepared and patient!

Her healing is plentiful, joyous and enabled, she feels it deep within her BUT she needs time to bond with it, bond with herself, bond with life again. 

She will triumph – why? – she nurtures an active conscience, she has no reason to offend the universe…


AikoCreates – Life is Beautiful wallpaper  

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I have decided to use my blog as a temporary space for my digital stationary/home decor business – AikoCreates (till my website is complete) , I started officially in May 2015.

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Also I also failed to inform you all (apologies) that my husband and I were blessed with twin girls in July 2014 – so life has been extremely busy!

I felt inspired last night and designed a lovely wallpaper for you to download for free – daily inspiration and appreciation for all those who have supported both my blog and AikoCreates!

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Stay inspired…

Beautiful Life 

Procrastination, YES – you have boldly stolen enough of my creative time!

I am pushing forward and this feeling is unstoppable 

My actions now speak louder than my words

I look at myself with a sigh of relief – confidence is now my friend 

Fear of uncomfortable progress no longer haunts me

My actions now speak louder than my words

Spreading my fresh new wings from this crowded coocoon of doubt has never felt so emancipating  

Reaching out I touch life 

Life has always been beautiful, question is how long have I not enjoyed this blessing

confidence is now my friend 

Fresh air is so revitalising that the indoor boxed state of mind is forced to take a back seat

I intentionally love life with a passion so fiery – insecurities burn to ashes 

No longer will procrastination sit by my side and gently pat my back – there is no longer space for skepticism and instability!

I want to love life with a passion so fiery – insecurities burn to ashes

Moving forward is all I wish to know! 

Random Post – The Beauty of Motherhood!


There is no better feeling then being a mother! The responsibility placed on us as mothers adds so much depth and excitement to a life so centralised on self – then all of a sudden (well after nine miraculous months) someone matters so much that your mind is constantly clouded with endless possibilities of what you can do to satisfy this beautiful little person who depends 100% on you.

God chooses wisely – some abuse this blessing while others live for it – cherish it like their very own lifeline. God did not mistakenly place us in this position of influence – NO – we are handpicked and our children are a direct reflection of the glory of God in our life.

Every morning * smiles from these innocent souls! How gratifying is such – how cleansing it is to know that each morning your star will smile up at you – mother! No blemish…mornings are that more important – each day a developmental milestone for both mother and child

As a mother something changes within you – all of a sudden you see the world as a place to protect baby from – all of a sudden you feel like a superhero. The bad elements you nurtured within you are somehow burdensome – you want to detox your life of the meaningless and include the meaningful – all of a sudden your future counts – you aim to make life a comfy bed of roses for your child – you are motivated by the purest love to cater to your baby’s innocent little being.

You no longer want to fight, you no longer want to feel distressed – you cannot be bothered to hold that grudge – you really have no time to deal with opinions of all – you have no energy to invest in pretence – you just want your time to be renewed and used wisely to inspire your child

Motherhood is beautiful – a beauty to cherish…a unique jewel to keep safe from the elements

Becoming a mother is a life changing event – a duty post with no expiry date – you will always be mother in the present and when your time is up on this earth * you are still Mother…

Stay blessed & inspired

♥ ℓavergnéaiko™



When your mind explodes and all hope is lost

When your heartbeat trebles to the sound of regrets

When all you desire is now locked away for life

When the only dangling pieces of hope are suddenly smothered in lies

When all you seek for is rebellion

When all you need is peace

When the doors are closing and air tight you finally reach for your pen and slowly jot: FINISHED

Disrespect who?


Disrespect slowly but surely closes the window to the heart

Disrespect does not bring down strongholds it raises them

Disrespect turns the humble to rubble and the strong to dust

Disrespect wipes away the tiniest glimmers of shared hope

Disrespect harms the purest of intentions and drags around the bones of goodwill

Disrespect feasts on the mind of its target – invading areas of self worth

Disrespect lingers like rotten food – slowly deteriorating the inner beings of self

Disrespect widens the gap between lovers and weakens bonds of steel

Disrespect tears down plans for the future and tramples on the present

Disrespect knows no bound – its sting is deadly

Disrespect mocks the innocent soul and feeds the egotistical spirit

Disrespect blinds itself to the obvious good and sees only darkness in places where goodness reigns

Disrespect enjoys the tears and weaknesses of its victims

Disrespect digs its sharpened nails into the root of individuals

Disrespect knows no peace and resides on shaky waters

Disrespect will never change its colours…its spots will remain the same!

Disrespect revises the past and attacks all possibilities

Disrespect is blind to self – playing the harp of victimisation and blaming others for its failures

Disrespect voids feelings and in turn regulates hate

Disrespect attempts to build a home and with the same hands demolishes it

Disrespect does not value mistakes made – instead it ridicules

Disrespect transforms saints to sinners

A note:
*be kind to people it is a necessary good – perfection to impress others is not our goal – it is impossible to perfect any flaw in a fellow human being. Tearing another person down is a deliberate act to seek out perfection in them for selfish reasons such as “oh you really annoy me when…” – to be quite frank, perfection is an area we will never truly understand!


I am overwhelmed with the response to the final post of the Long Distance Relationship Series!

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