An inspired individual…willing to spread and cultivate this wisdom…

Be inspired, Stay inspired

A solicitor by profession and a writer for life…I love expression and that is what I cultivate 24-7…i nurture words and give them life at every opportunity given to me. I am also a freelance writer and can be reached at info@lavergneaiko.com!

Enjoy my blog for the simplicity – the fun expression of words! Poetry & short stories!

I also have a passion for proverbs, a traditional form of communication I admire among the African nations – As the Igbo people of Nigeria say “proverbs are the sauce with which words are eaten…” Proverbs give you a reason to think…and the majority if not all have a story , explanation, wisdom behind them.

Hope I inspire you…this will be fun!!!! ☺

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Disclaimer: This blog represents my personal work unless specified. Proverbs mentioned are not mine unless ™ is placed after the proverb!

Images do not belong to me – unless stated!

‘♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergnéAiko❤


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