Disrespect who?


Disrespect slowly but surely closes the window to the heart

Disrespect does not bring down strongholds it raises them

Disrespect turns the humble to rubble and the strong to dust

Disrespect wipes away the tiniest glimmers of shared hope

Disrespect harms the purest of intentions and drags around the bones of goodwill

Disrespect feasts on the mind of its target – invading areas of self worth

Disrespect lingers like rotten food – slowly deteriorating the inner beings of self

Disrespect widens the gap between lovers and weakens bonds of steel

Disrespect tears down plans for the future and tramples on the present

Disrespect knows no bound – its sting is deadly

Disrespect mocks the innocent soul and feeds the egotistical spirit

Disrespect blinds itself to the obvious good and sees only darkness in places where goodness reigns

Disrespect enjoys the tears and weaknesses of its victims

Disrespect digs its sharpened nails into the root of individuals

Disrespect knows no peace and resides on shaky waters

Disrespect will never change its colours…its spots will remain the same!

Disrespect revises the past and attacks all possibilities

Disrespect is blind to self – playing the harp of victimisation and blaming others for its failures

Disrespect voids feelings and in turn regulates hate

Disrespect attempts to build a home and with the same hands demolishes it

Disrespect does not value mistakes made – instead it ridicules

Disrespect transforms saints to sinners

A note:
*be kind to people it is a necessary good – perfection to impress others is not our goal – it is impossible to perfect any flaw in a fellow human being. Tearing another person down is a deliberate act to seek out perfection in them for selfish reasons such as “oh you really annoy me when…” – to be quite frank, perfection is an area we will never truly understand!


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