The Long Distance Relationship Series “Oh my… are you in a long distance relationship too” Plans from afar – Excerpt!

Planning as sweet as honey!

Planning as sweet as honey!

Plans, ideas and innovation make the world go round and round, followed by the common belief that ‘a man without a plan is a man that will fail’ (this also applies equally to women).  If there is an absence of a meaningful plan regarding life, one will eventually float aimlessly through the days of their lives instead of investing time and effort to straighten their somewhat curved path, be it within the confines of their office or home.   A mundane life is not a fulfilled one – routine is alien to aspirations and passion, in fact routine can dull the colourful passion you once enjoyed exploring within your mind.

The above  applies equally to your LDR relationship, if you allow the freshness of your relationship to be overwhelmed with unexciting conversations and behaviours there will be an avoidance to devote time to hearty discussions centred on the aspirations of the relationship.

I searched for the definition of the word ‘plan‘ on a website called and I was drawn immediately to the second definition – a plan is: a design or scheme of arrangement – and this is the definition I will apply throughout…

Read more: Long Distance Relationship Series Guide coming soon!

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