The Long Distance Relationship Series “Oh my…are you in a long distance relationship too” Arguments -Excerpt!

As human beings we feed on the premise of relationships – every part of our lives is dominated by one relationship or the other.  We form relationships on so many levels and invest our emotions and behaviours in different degrees to each existing association.  However there is one kind of relationship that calls for more than just mere emotions and behaviours, one that possess many layers and tugs are all areas of ones being – a loving relationship between a man and woman.  Once such a relationship is formed there is a clouded desire for everything to be perfect and a number one need for togetherness.

I found myself in a blissful relationship, and it was torn away from me by distance, I use the word torn not to be extreme but to describe exactly how I felt when the discussion arose and decisions were made back in 2010.  I am in no way claiming to be a LDR guru but I have experienced it first hand and can say that it was interestingly challenging when disagreements surfaced.

Individuals involved in a LDR must make room for issues to be addressed frequently; it is very dangerous to ignore pressing issues that naturally arise because of distance…

Read more: Long Distance Relationship Series Guide coming soon!

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5 thoughts on “The Long Distance Relationship Series “Oh my…are you in a long distance relationship too” Arguments -Excerpt!

  1. This can be the same in terms of a short long distance as well. I live two hours away from my boyfriend, and because I am able to, at the moment I stay at his for like a week every three weeks. And I know to some people in a long distance relationship that would seem great, and more than enough, but I still get all thosse feelings you described above, and it sucks. Because it’s horrible feeling useless, and unfortunately I used my diffuse button this last week and burst into unattractive floods of tears, because I knew I had been shutting myself off and just wanted to be happy in the here and now, but when does it ever stop, and I agree that women just do want to nurture when they get to an age where they feel ready for that, and perhaps men just don’t get that. At all. And then I know he deals with it differently to me, worrying about me, but not always us, because that to him, is just us. But then I never feel like I can bring it up because when’s a good day in a week, when I first get here, before I’m going, either way there has to be enough time after for reconcilation like you say!

    Really I just wanted to say thanks for helping me realise I’m not alone in feeling like this, even if my long distance is a short distance!


    • Hey Laura,

      Thanks for your comment! I also relate to you in so many ways as my long distance relationship was actually a short distance one at first. So in reality I should be very used to this set up, but I am not – it is not a situation you ever adapt too. I always advise speaking about the issue at the right time with our partners, there will always be a moment where he will ask if you are okay – and that is normally the safest way to start. when this moment arises you should deal more with finding out when this arrangement will end, what does the future hold for the both of us? That way we have something to look forward too and it also gets him thinking. I also have my tear outbursts and get my other half a little worried too, but we are only doing what we do best which is caring to a degree that we no longer want to care from afar. I believe more discussions regularly about the situation help us deal with it much better as couples and individually.

      Thanks again and please stay connected…more on the long distance series to come.


  2. I am in a long distance relationship at the moment. Not between countries but cities, so we can still meetup once a month, either I go there or she comes here. I’m not gonna lie and say that it’s always fun and easy all the time. Trust plays bigger part when you’re apart. And some people –regardless of gender– are just simply not built with the ability and capability of being apart as others do. We just have to be honest all the time, if it gets too hard it’s okay to admit it and part ways in good terms rather than forcing things and end up cheating.


    • hey Cuppy

      I agree some people are not able to cope well with distance. Trust is the essential part of such a relationship…if your trust for your partner while they were around was 50% once they leave it has to forcibly go up to 100%. Without trust and communication a long distance relationship is bound to fail and will fail.

      Thanks for comment and all the best with your relationship. Please stay connected…more blog posts regarding long distance love.


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