“When a blind person starts to lead a blind person, they fall into a pit”

“Choose your friends wisely”…every parent educates their young…

“Don’t give in to peer pressure”…every teenager is advised before they embark on a journey of independence…

The above are a few of many life lessons involving relationships we form as life progresses…

Select the few you consider fit enough to be your friend…its a pick and choose affair and nothing less…

Questions one should ask themselves range from:
•Has my life improved in any way since this friendship began?
•Am I myself around this particular person?
•is my attitude changing towards things I felt uncomfortable about before?

Following a bad seed is one of the easiest, temporarily fulfilling roads in life…why…the bad seed has no desire to give you the red light and they dare not mention the big NO…so its a free for all, anything goes…

They also possess a welcoming spirit that graduates in making everything glitter with gold…

Inevitably you will both enter a dark pit and the person who rescues you will not be the friend that led you there in the first place…

A simple mind is the playground of evil…be careful who influences your actions and thoughts…for “when a blind person starts to lead a blind person, they fall into a pit”

♥ ℓä̤̣̇vergné


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